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Dave Ramsey: Thoughts?

January 19th, 2007 at 11:18 am

DH's boss bought tickets to see Dave Ramsey in May.

I've heard mixed things from him. Anyone love him? Hate him? Should I be nervous or excited??

Gardening and Bills

January 9th, 2007 at 07:58 pm

Guess what?! DH told me that his paycheck this week will be almost double what it normally is! Apparently he hit some threshold that he gets rewarded for, so I have some extra money coming my way!! I think we're going to put it on one of the credit cards; it should be enough to completely pay it off.

I paid our bills last night. It's interesting to see that by STICKING TO MY BUDGET, I'm not coming up short when it's time to pay the bills. I'm following my debt snowball plan, threw some in savings, and still have enough to buy groceries! It feels good not to worry!

I want to plant some veggies now that I have my own backyard. I am willing to listen to any and all advice! I want to grow:


I want to try corn, beans, and potatoes, but I don't want to be too ambitious. Baby steps, right?

I haven't thrown in the towel even though I want to.

July 11th, 2006 at 01:54 pm

I haven't quit yet. I'm still here. Still figuring it out. Still kind of bummin' that it's not perfect yet, that I'm not in the black yet, but it's getting easier.

I know that each step I take is for a larger goal, one that will reap rewards not just for my sanity but for my whole financial well-being.

Next paycheck I am paying off a credit card and saying goodbye. I don't need it. I'm snowballing my debt and hopefully in a few months I'll be able to post a success story.

It feels good to be in control. Today I made coffee and breakfast at home instead of spending $6-8 to have the people at Starbucks do it for me.

Baby steps, folks. Baby steps.

Furious: I've Hit My Breaking Point

July 5th, 2006 at 06:17 am

Have you ever had an epiphany? A shining, pure moment where you realize something that changes you forever?

I had one of those experiences this weekend.

I was feeling stressed (which isn't unusual) about the bills I have to pay with this coming paycheck and I just blanked out. I thought 'there has to be a better way'. And there is, of course, but the change has to start with me.

I downloaded You Need A Budget because I've tried everything else and this looked the most painless to me and so far, I really love the way it's laid out.

It was really painful adding up exactly how much money we owe on our credit cards and our car loan, but the truth hurts and now I at least have formulated a plan. Since we are new homeowners, I recently took a second job to help cover some minor expenses, so I think I will stay on at my second job until our debt is more manageable. We make all our payments and no one calls us or anything, but we carry a balance every single month and I'm tired of it!

So here I am, world. I'm ready to learn, ready to listen, and ready to change my financial life.